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Martin was born in Buenos Aires Argentina (and still misses the food, the city, and soccer). After finishing his high school studies (focused in chemistry) in his hometown, he lived in Santiago, Chile for two years as a service missionary.  Thereafter, he returned to Argentina were he started the Industrial Engineering program at the National Technological University (UTN).


One summer break (in 2002) he used all his savings to come to USA to study English at Brigham Young University (BYU).  He fell in love with BYU and transferred there to study Chemistry.  He earned a BS in chemistry in 2005.  While at BYU, he performed research in the laboratories of John D. Lamb (in close collaboration with Roger Harrison) and Morris J. Robins. Thereafter, he moved to the University of Utah, where he got a MS in Organometallic Chemistry in the lab of Janis Louie, working on mechanistic studies of new catalysts.  He then moved to Purdue University (Boiler Up!) to finish his doctoral studies (2012) in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology under the Direction of Dr Mark Cushman. His research focused on the synthesis of heterocycles with chemopreventive potential.

He performed his postdoctoral training in the group of Dr Sam Stupp, one of the world leaders in self-assembled materials, at Northwestern University. There he (eventually) learned a lot about biomaterials, self-assembly, and material sciences.

In 2015, he started his independent career at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (so he is sort of a Midwesterner) . His lab works at the interface of nanotechnology and medicinal chemistry. The ultimate goal of his lab is to create theranostic nanostructures to treat bacterial infections, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease.  He also has a strong interest in synthesizing natural products with interesting biological activities.

He currently lives in Omaha with his wife, 3 children, and no pets (although the family wants a dog but he would like to own a turtle).  He loves to travel, try new foods, play board games and cards, and watch sports (especially, soccer, basketball, and tennis).  He, sometimes, enjoys cooking and watching movies (a big fan of Rocky and Star Wars, but also enjoys superhero movies, mainly from DC, and international movies).

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