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​Peer-Reviewed publications

Independent career

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  10. Seleem, M. A.; Wood, N. A.; Brinkworth, A. J.; Manam, S.; Carabeo, R. A.; Murthy, A. K.;  Ouellette, S. P.,* Conda-Sheridan, M.* In vitro and in vivo activity of (trifluoromethyl)pyridines as anti-Chlamydia trachomatis agents. ACS Infect. Dis. 2021, ASAP

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Postdoc, graduate, and undergraduate studies

  1. Conda-Sheridan, M.*; Lee, S. S.*; Preslar, A. T.; Stupp, S. I. Esterase-Activated Release of Naproxen from Supramolecular Nanofibres. Chem. Comm. 2014, 50, 13757– 13760

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  1. Cushman, M.; Nguyen, T. X.; Conda-Sheridan, M. Synthesis and use of dual tyrosyl-DNA   phosphodiesterase I (tdp1)​- topoisomerase I (top1) inhibitors. US 2013-13834652. Dec 26, 2013


  1. Rodriguez de Almeida, N.; Conda-Sheridan, M. A Review of the Molecular Design and Biological Activities of RXR Agonists. Med. Res. Rev. 2019, 39, 1372-1397

Book Chapters

  1. Conda-Sheridan, M. Self-assembling biomaterials as nanocarriers for the targeted delivery of drugs for cancer. Self-assembling Biomaterials: Molecular Design, Characterization and Application in Biology and Medicine. 1st  ed. Helena S. Azevedo, Ricardo M. P. da Silva Eds.; Woodhead Publishing, 2018, Ch 23; pp 495-532

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