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The lab has two very distinct areas of interest: 

(1) Design of complex multifunctional biomaterials. Our current projects focus on the preparation of self-assembling biomaterials with therapeutic potential against cancer and infectious diseases. These biomaterials will function as supramolecular drugs (nanodrugs). as nanocarriers for the targeted delivery of known drugs or novel small molecules, and as imaging agents. 


(2) Synthesis of bioactive small molecules. A second area of interest deals with the computer-aided rational drug design and synthesis of heterocyclic small molecules to treat bacterial infections and cancer. In order to do this we get clues from nature and merge the principles of organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry in order to synthesize the molecules and improve their biological activity.



Our research is highly interdisciplinary, consequently, students in the lab will gain skills in diverse areas: computer-aided drug design, classic organic synthesis (including organometallic and peptide chemistry), traditional medicinal chemistry, and material sciences.  


They will learn various analytical and spectroscopic techniques, such as HPLC, IR, NMR, UV-Vis, ESI-MS, MALDI, DLS, Fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, TEM, and CD.

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